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Owens Heating and Cooling, LLC   

Professional service you can Rely On!



Living in Michigan we all know how harsh weather conditions can be. In weather extremes from hot to cold, high heat to snow its only a matter of time before your system will break down. In those times, contact Owens Heating & Cooling, LLC. 


Be prepared for the long & cold Michigan winters. An unmaintenanced system can leave you in the cold. Besides being uncomfortable, pipes can freeze & break causing costly problems to your home.


We provide routine maintenance, multipoint inspections and system cleaning to reduce unplanned malfunctions to keep you and your home safe from cold conditions.


Michigan summers can be warm and pleasant, but when it's time to beat the heat call on us to maintenance your A/C system. 


We provide cleaning and mulitpoint inspections that are routine with our service. With Michigan's weather being so tough on A/C equipment we use the most effective parts and techniques to reduce break-downs and you can rely on your system to fight Michigan's worst.

Competitive Rates

Our rates are reasonable and honest. Contacting Owens Heating & Cooling, LLC is the right choice.


Licensed & Insured

Owens Heating & Cooling, LLC is a Licensed & Insured contractor offering 18 years of experience. We provide quality service with technicians you can trust to do the job.

More Services


  • 24/7 emergency service available

Repairing and Installing:

  • Furnaces

  • Air Conditioning Systems

  • Water Heaters

Seasonal Maintenance:

  • Furnace check and clean

  • City Inspection Certificate

  • Service plans

Nest and Smart Thermostat Installation


Heating Services

Cooling Services

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